• Aluminium framed signs

    With the use of aluminium extrusions we can fit frames to your signs, in doing this there are no visible fixings in the sign panel as all the fixing screws are hidden in the frame once the sign panel is fitted.

    By far the most cost effective way of installing signs with a professional look.

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  • Direct mount signs

    This is where the sign panel is made and fixed to the wall by drilling through the panel, in this case we use screws with colour coded plastic caps.

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  • Tray Signs

    Tray signs are flat panels which have the edges folded to create a tray, we only use aluminium trays with welded/smoothed corners for maximum strength and the best look, they are then powder coated to a colour of your choice.

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  • Illuminated Signs

    Illuminated signs come in several types starting with either front or back lit, you could have a custom made trough light or several down lighters. Call us to discuss what will work best for you, all our illuminated signs are installed by a qualified electrician and with automatic on/off timers.

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  • Pavement signs

    Our most popular pavement signs are the A1 poster A-Frame and the heavy base swinger sign, poster A-Frames are ideal for businesses that may wish to run seasonal promotions, simply change the posters to suit your current offers, with the swinger signs we signwrite the panel with your company graphics as a permanent feature.

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  • Projecting signs

    Is your shop front on a narrow foot path that does not allow for a pavement sign that would cause obstructions? if so the answer is to have a wall mounted sign that projects from the building, doing this allows the sign to be seen and read from a distance before you can see the shop front therefore allowing people to locate you easily.

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  • Flat Cut Lettering & Logos

    With the use of our onsite CNC Router we can machine letters from Dibond, acrylic, wood etc and use them as part of the signage for your company. Whether they are for external signs or internal walls the overall look of raised lettering is second to none.

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  • Shop Fronts

    First impressions count, they say never judge a book by its cover but the reality is that many do and the same could be said about your shop front signage.

    A tatty home made sign whilst cheap will give the impression that what is inside is also cheap, it is worth putting a bit of time and money into attractive signs and windows graphics to entice the general public to walk through your front door and become a paying customer.

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  • Stand Off Signs

    Stands off's are just a fixing that allow sign panels to be mounted to walls without being flat against the wall itself, this may be done if there are cables running down the wall or other obstructions that don't allow for the sign to be fixed flat to the wall.

    In most cases however they are used purely to enhance the look of the sign panel and give an almost 3D look.

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  • Totem signs

    Totem signs are most commonly found at the entrance to retail parks advertising what companies can be found at the location. Generally mounted on aluminium poles that are concreted into the ground to withstand adverse weather conditions.

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  • Site Hoardings

    All large construction sites have hoarding put in place to stop unauthorised people gaining access to the area, these are a great place to advertise the up coming development and generate interest with potential customers.

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    Correx Signs

    Correx signs are the cheapest form of rigid sign panel we make, made from corrugated plastic they are light weight and great for use as site boards or temporary signs.

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