• Acrylic

    The most common material we use on the laser is acrylic and most of this is flat cut letters. Acrylic comes is set colours but we often wrap the panel before cutting to create the letters in any colour or pattern. Made from 5mm thick acrylic these letters are strong and robust and look great once fitted with locators as the letters float from the surface they are fixed to.

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  • Wood

    Lasers use a beam of light to engrave and cut a material, with wood the beam of light will burn the surface and this usually leaves a dark coloured engraving, however if the wood is painted or varnished the laser will remove the finish to reveal the original wood colour underneath.

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  • Glass

    The laser we use can not cut glass but it can mark it, burning the glass surface will create and etched effect on the glass surface, and like wood and metal, if the glass has a painted finish, the laser will remove this to leave the clear glass exposed underneath.

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  • Star Flux

    This is a two tone plastic material that is available in a wide variety of colour combinations, the laser burns through the top colour to reveal the second colour below. This creates a two colour plastic sign that is robust and great for making signs like asset tags that can be fixed to items.

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